In-store Attraction Ideas

Once you decide to set up a café or a restaurant, it is time to give it a look never seen before, in order to attract customers walking in, only to fall in love with the food. Below are some tips to pick up when designing and planning a restaurant;

Select a theme

Lately, there have been various themes being chosen by the owners of restaurants, it can vary from a rustic theme to a very fancy high-ended theme. When selecting a theme, for an example, something that portrays to the customer, a feeling of being inside a comic-book, all furniture and wall setting must be planned accordingly to fit the brief, choosing a style will not be successful if the surroundings do not comply by it.Decorate the area using event calendars for each month, and comfortable seating arrangements ranging from big group seating to cozy secluded areas.

Theatre effect

As the previous example of using a comic-book theme, it would create the effect of theatre and drama if the good cafe aprons include clippings of comics on them or the restaurant staff being themed in one comic series for a period of a month, with adjusted food menus to fit the brief.

Keeping in fun

If you have customers who visit you on a regular basis, it would be highly appealing if they got privileges on their bills or were given special treatment at the drawing out of a fish bowl. Regular customers would continue to visit the store if they were treated with importance and if it had a fun atmosphere.

Friendly staff

Employing highly interactive, polite staff who would be pleased to explain and suggest items off the menu boards Melbourne are minor details that can increase the level of attraction inside the store. Customers prefer their services to be explained well with transparency and integrity.

Social media trends

Every upcoming business would benefit in large by maintaining social media presence among the customer in the current trend of events. It is useless to hire a novice to be in charge of social media marketing for the store as they would not have the experience in suggesting ways in which the café can be promoted to the customers inside, by maybe providing free Wi-Fi access to the followers, or special discounts and promotions for every shout out or recommendation given.Creating in-store attraction would not only increase the traffic but also cause a rise in the levels of awareness of the restaurant’s existence to new customer segments as well.

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